Course Description

How does Crowdfunding Work?

1. The 4 different types of Crowdfunding
2. Examples of Crowdfunding Platforms
3. Niche Crowdfunding Platforms
4. Benefits of Crowdfunding
5. Downsides to Crowdfunding
6. Future trends of Crowdfunding

How to Setup a Successful Campaign

  1. Examples of successful Crowdfunding campaigns
  2. Structure of a Crowdfunding pitch
  3. Telling your story
  4. Success factors required to reach your target audience


The Crowdfunding Launch Formula

  1. Launch formula roadmap
  2. Importance of visuals and video
  3. How to determine and structure your rewards
  4. The importance of email
  5. Launch Day checklist
  6. Fulfilment after the campaign

Tools, Tips and Resources

  1. How to expand and engage your crowd
  2. Essential pre-launch sequence tools
  3. How to become a staff pick
  4. Podcasts, books, eBooks, magazines, etc
  5. Successful project creators share their tools and tips


To teach participants how to run a successful crowdfunding campaign.


By the end of the session course participants will be able to:

  • Understand what crowdfunding is all about

  • Learn the different types of crowdfunding

  • Review successful crowdfunding campaigns

  • Follow a crowdfunding launch plan sequence

  • Know the important tools needed to run a campaign

About your tutor

Anthony Lovell de Souza

Anthony has helped hundreds of project creators understand what crowdfunding is all about and how best to run a successful crowdfunding campaign. 

He has delivered over 40 crowdfunding workshops and talks during the last 4 years all across the UK. He is also editor of the Crowdfunding Focus magazine and founder of the Crowdfunding Playbook app.

His background is in digital marketing where he has assisted over 700 business go online and expand their presence online.

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