Course Description

The changing nature of local service provision is increasing both opportunities and challenges for groups and increasing the need to develop sustainable businesses plans. Relying on one source of income can lead to increased business risk or decrease innovation or your ability to be responsive to need. So how do you keep your mission and values consistent, whilst shifting your business plan to that your organisation earns money to cover its cost and support its development?

 This workshop looks at the drivers for diversification within your own organisation, how diversification relates to new approaches and strategies that influence marketing, fundraising, project development and much more.


Participants at this workshop will go away with:

  • An understanding of how income needs and opportunities relate to organisational development
  • Systems for assessing your ability to raise income in a range of ways
  • Outline methods for aligning business, fundraising and marketing plans to support and diversify your organisation’s income
  • Strategies for developing cooperative ways of shifting messaging and working patterns around income generation internally and in partnership with other organisations

About Your Tutors

Anna Lodge

Anna has been in marketing and strategic communications and customer services for over 20 years. She runs a company in the South West, which additionally provides market research and social media support for values-led of all sizes and community-based organisations.

 Anna received a scholarship to study at the London School of Economics. Running alongside her studies she become an intern at the Institute for Public Policy Research. As Senior Project Officer at the BioRegional Development Group at Beddington Zero Energy Development. Since then she has been Communications and Marketing Manager at Schumacher College, Dartington; Training and Events Manager at the Refugee Council.

Anna’s firm belief is that strategic communications is empowering for people wherever it happens. Consequently she enjoys working with range of organisations from the United Nations through to community groups. Anna Lodge Consulting also proud to include the following within its list of current and previous clients: Real World Visuals, The Sharpham Trust, The REconomy Project and Research in Practice.

Dave Chapman

Dave has worked within and across the private, public and voluntary sectors over the last 25 years. This includes mining engineering, health care, mental health, physiotherapy, regeneration and economic development. Working in the voluntary sector, Dave has led the development and establishment of a community based organisation over a four year period. During this period he initiated and supported the development of a range of activities designed to engage local people in local plan making processes.

This work really fired his interest in land and asset based acquisition and community led development, and led to work with bassac and then Locality. Whilst with Locality, Dave was involved in managing and delivering a number of programmes of support for community based organisations, including Neighbourhood Planning and Community Right to Build.

 Dave now fully pursues his passion for supporting community led development through Triformis, a small consultancy company. He is an experienced practitioner and supporter of community enterprises with specific skills in community led development, brokerage and negotiation around and property deals, strategic planning, business planning and organisational development as well as programme and project management.

Anna Lodge

Dave Chapman

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