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Course Description

Personal Safety can be defined as ‘An individual’s ability to go about their everyday life free from the threat or fear of psychological, emotional or physical harm from others. This course is intended to assist Lone Workers in finding practical ways to reduce risks to their personal safety and manage difficult situations.


To raise awareness of what Personal Safety is and what constitute a risk to Personal Safety focusing on the workplace. To enable participants to analyse personal safety risks and develop a personal safety strategy and to consider signs of aggression and ‘what if strategies’


  • By the end of the day participants will be able to:   

    • Show an understanding of what Personal Safety means in all environments
    • Define what can constitute violence or aggression
    • List potential causes of Personal Safety Risks in their working environment
    • Explain the use of a P.E.T. analysis and Dynamic risk assessment in assessing personal safety risks
    • List in order of priority the person, environment and task related personal safety risks in their job.
    • Understand the need to P.L.A.N. ahead to avoid risk.
    • Be aware of planning that can enhance personal safety when:
    1. driving, b) walking, c) working in other peoples homes,
    • Understand ‘Time - Choice’ model of personal safety
    • Develop a strategy that could help you get away

About your tutor

Angela O’Brien has worked in the area of Welfare Rights and Community Care Law for over 25 years. Her career includes 19 years with the Citizens Advice Service for 15 of those years she worked for Citizens Advice (National Service) in Devon Welfare Rights Unit, which closed in 2015. Angela was the co-ordinator of the Working Age Carer’s Project in Devon and Process Manager for Devon County Council Finance and Benefits Team, she also assisted in writing and editing the Citizens Advice information system on the Care Act and was a consultant to the Department of Health on there Care Act Impact Report.Angela became a Suzy Lamplugh Trust accredited Lone Worker Personnel Safety Awareness trainer in 2009 and has provided training on Loneworker Personnel Safety for Devon County Council and Citizens Advice Bureau staff.

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