“My belated thanks for a first class seminar which certainly broadened ones horizons when putting together a flood scheme.

David. F. R. Leggett, Cockwood Residents Association

The Devon Community Resilience Forum held its second resilience event at the Kenn Centre on the 11th May 2016.

The event was opened by Superintendent Jacqueline Hawley of Devon & Cornwall Police, who encouraged community leaders and volunteers to work together with the statutory services to ensure that their communities were well prepared to meet any potential emergency.

Over 90 delegates had the opportunity to reflect in more detail on the range of potential risks that might afflict their communities. A range of specialist speakers gave their insights into Health Pandemics, Animal Health Issues, Snow & Ice, Transport Accidents, Loss of Power, Industrial/Farm Accidents and Flooding.

Over lunch and tea breaks delegates were able to visit a range of commercial supplier stands including the Flood Advisory Service and enjoy an outdoor lunch viewing the Fire Service’s emergency boat and equipment.


There was also an opportunity to make sure your plan was on the map! 17 new plans were identified and these will be placed on the Forum’s web maps and made available to the emergency services.

In the afternoon a series of workshops were held to pass on practical skills and resources to develop and improve communities emergency plans, these included:

  • Voluntary agencies - who’s who
  • Chapter 8 - Highway Safety training
  • Grants and Funding - covering the costs
  • Insurance – are you covered?
  • Inclusion and Diversity - don’t leave anyone behind
  • Communications - keep in touch when not connected

The successful event was brought to a close by Elaine Cook, Chief Executive of Devon Communities Together, thanking all participants and delegates for their engagement and encouraging them to submit their feedback about how the Forum can best support them over the coming year.

Speaker presentations for this event and the last event can be downloaded here