In Devon, we have more ageing people and people with dementia, in comparison with the rest of England. The Challenge is how our communities can find ways to overcome some of the problems that lead to people being ill. It is clear that good housing, steady jobs, social interaction and helping people to feel satisfied with their lives, helps to keep people in a state of well-being.

At Devon Communities Together, our vision, dynamic communities shaping their own futures, Is inextricably linked with our aspiration to support and empower communities to tackle the health and well-being agenda, as well as other key agendas such as community facilities, transport, affordable housing, community based enterprise and the social economy.

It is vitally important for people to have access to local support to help them to remain as active, healthy, and as independent as they can be for as long as possible. Our Enterprise Team has many years experience of working with and supporting a broad range of social enterprises and community – based groups including more than 20 organisations across Devon working in the adult health and social care field. Social networks in villages are a core resource.

If a network of neighbouring villages is prepared to work together through a locally based social enterprise, for example, they can provide paid for services, employing local people to address local needs such as adult social care, childcare, community transport, heat, light and power, food etc.

Devon Communities Together is placing health and well- being at the heart of our strategy going forward of supporting and enabling our rural communities so watch this space.

Image: ©Exploredevon