The Rural Housing Enabler for North Devon, Colin Savage, will be available to discuss affordable housing for local people, at Filleigh Village Hall, from 3.30pm -7.30pm on Monday 4th June.

 “With low incomes and high house prices and rents in rural North Devon, it is recognised that low cost housing, usually to rent, is needed to enable local people to stay living in their communities, close to families, work, and schools. If new affordable housing is built in villages, it is restricted to being occupied by local people, so they have a much better chance than usual of getting somewhere to live. In order for them to access this housing we need to know about them, and make sure they are registered with Devon Home Choice.”

People from Filleigh and neighbouring rural parishes are encouraged to come and speak to Colin if they need affordable housing to live in.

Staff from the North Devon Council Housing Team will also be there and can provide guidance on registering on and using Devon Homechoice, the housing register for affordable rented housing.

Mazzard Investments will showing outline proposals for a housing scheme for Filleigh, that could provide 6 affordable homes for local people. An independent housing needs survey identified in 2012 that this number of affordable homes are needed in Filleigh.  

For more information contact,

Colin Savage

Rural Housing Enabler, North Devon

Tel. 07495 582912

Email: [email protected]