The Environment Agency is developing a new crowdsourcing project with the Met Office. This will build on the existing Met Office ‘Weather Observations Website’ or WOW -, and expand it to include severe weather and flood impact reporting.

The project has surveyed Environment Agency and Met Office teams, asking questions such as the importance of flood impact observations, barriers to the use of this information and where people currently access this information. The responses were very positive and the next phase of the project is to engage with individuals and groups who already provide, or would be well placed to provide the reports in the first place - like yourselves. The Met Office are recruiting ‘reporting champs’ and Devon and Cornwall is an area where the project team thought useful discussions with local groups could happen, through workshops facilitated by the Environment Agency and Met Office Staff. 

Through our Devon Community Resilience work we are asking local flood and community resilience wardens and groups if they are interested in becoming ‘reporting champs’ and finding out who would be willing to engage further to discuss severe weather/impact reporting.

We will soon have more details of a workshop/focus group that is being planned by the Met Office, to be held later this summer - in the meantime, if you are interested in being a 'reporting champion' please email [email protected]