• An exciting new world or delusions of empire?
  • Still focused on Europe or tramping the globe?
  • Is a united Europe still relevant or is globalisation a greater force?
  • Rural transformation or stagnation?

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In or out, the world is gathering pace and ‘change’ is ever-present. What does this mean for rural communities, our traditional industries and economy? What does it mean for how we live, what we do and who lives here? 

The Rural Futures Conference has developed a reputation for challenging speakers, but this year it is the topic itself that is the challenge.

We have turned away from protagonists and commentators, who seem camped at either end of the spectrum, to seek the more balanced considerations of academics and practitioners.

We have turned to our home universities of Exeter and Plymouth in our search for rational and reasoned considerations of how the South West’s rural communities will respond to Changing Worlds.

We are also pleased to have contributions from other leading academics and those who must respond to Changing Worlds by re-position their businesses, managing threats and realising opportunities.

Now in its 6th year, the Rural Futures Conference has established itself as the essential gathering for those concerned with rural issues in Devon. We pride ourselves on themes that are topical and contributors who are lively and thought provoking.

The conference regularly attracts around a hundred delegates. Our audience is drawn from those who drive our economy and inspire, lead, organise and administer our communities.

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