North Devon District Council has joined the Devon Rural Housing Partnership as from 1st July. A part time Rural Housing Enabler, Colin Savage, will be working with Jaimie Jeyes the Service Lead for affordable housing at North Devon Council. Colin Savage will be working closely with and on behalf of Parish Councils to address the shortage of affordable homes. The work involves identifying the local need for housing and searching for development opportunities and finding solutions to barriers that might arise.

“North Devon is delighted to be part of this Devon-wide partnership. Affordable housing can take a long time to develop in villages however the benefits can help revive declining communities and provide local people with much needed affordable homes.

Jaimie Jeyes

Colin previously worked for the Exmoor Rural Housing Project so has a wealth of experience and contacts he can draw on to help him in this work.

For advice and support please contact:

Sue Southwell
email [email protected] or call 01392 248919 ext*121

Janice Alexander
email [email protected] or call 01392 248919 ext*122

Colin Savage
email [email protected] or call 01392 248919