Tony Hawk’s new book 'Once Upon a Time in the West... Country' is a witty account of his move from London to deepest rural Devon and is an insight into rural life from his new perspective. 

Devon Communities Together, who support Community facilities such as village halls, met with Tony in his capacity as chair of his local Village Hall. He was interested in our Open Halls month campaign and shared our passion for championing the significant role that village halls make to rural communities.

“After moving down to Devon two years ago I dived straight into my new rural existence and became chair of the Village hall. I am keen to encourage everyone to use and benefit from the hall in new and innovative ways. The hall really can be the centre of the community life we all value so much. So, do support and use your hall and attend one of the Open Halls this month to find out why!

Tony Hawks, A Devon Village Hall

This county-wide initiative looks beyond the events themselves and is more concerned with participation and encouraging neighbourliness. More than 30 village halls have registered and a list of the events taking place can be found on the Devon Communities Together website.

Village Halls large and small, modernised and some even in the midst of refurbishment, are taking part with a range of events from WI Centenary celebrations to coffee mornings and Zumba!

“Our hall in Broadwoodkelly will open on Saturday 25 April 10.00 - 3.00 with a celebration of what our hall means to us; with a display of photos covering our refurbishment, local events and history. Don’t miss refreshments including ploughman's lunch

Daphne Gant, Broadwoodkelly Village Hall

To find out what is happening in your area please see the list of halls and activities here