We are delighted to announce that the Transform Ageing call for applications is now open.

Recognising that those with first-hand experience provide unique insight, in 2017 we brought together groups of people in later life, their friends, families and carers, social entrepreneurs and public-sector leaders in communities in Cornwall, North Devon, Somerset and Torbay to use design led tools and methods to understand what people need and want, what would improve their experience of ageing and what would make a difference to their day-to-day lives.

Collaboratively the groups:

  • remodelled the challenge they were working on so it had relevance to their local community
  • planned and conducted design research in their community to understand the needs and wants of those harder to reach
  • evaluated the findings of this research and identify opportunities to be further explored
  • shaped project briefs for social entrepreneurs to respond to.

From this work six innovation briefs were developed for social entrepreneurs to respond to with innovative product and service solutions that support healthy, happy and active later lives.

The six innovation briefs are:

1. Steps to a positive future
How might we enable people in later life to have positive experiences of ageing?

2. Mobility and transport
How might we enhance independence and well-being through improved mobility?

3. Life transitions
How might we support people to prepare for life changes?

4. Caring about carers
How might we support, value and celebrate carers?

5. Right information, right time
How might we make information, accessible, relevant and meaningful?

6. Making connections
How might we create opportunities for people in later life to connect with other people, communities and activities?

We’re now inviting you to apply.

If you are a social entrepreneur with an idea or existing venture that could respond to one of our six innovation briefs then please do get in touch.

Download your application pack here

Applications open on 16th October.

Please visit https://unltd.org.uk/transform-ageing/