30 Days

Find out about the 30 days, 30 ways campaign. Learn new skills and be more prepared for emergency situations.Read more

Resilience Event - 22nd November 2017

This resilience forum event on 22nd November 2017 is an opportunity for communities to become better prepared for incidents, with practical advice and workshops.Read more

Property Level Resilience (PLR) Grant Scheme

A new PLR Grant Scheme has been established to enable homeowners to apply for up to £5,000 to carry out a survey of the property, identifying the required resilience measures, and to purchase the recommended measures. Find out more here.Read more

Devon Community Resilience Forum Newsletter

Get all the latest updates from the Devon Community Resilience Forum.Read more

Emergency Plans in Devon

Have you completed yours...take a look who has, then look at our help guides and templates to get yours started or finished...Read more

Knowing the unknowns

STEP 2Read more

Organising key facilities

STEP 5Read more