Village Halls play a vital role sitting at the heart of our local communities. They are often the only place where essential services can be accessed and community life can take place. There are over 500 village halls & community buildings in Devon, mostly owned by or managed by local people.

As funds become tighter keeping these much-loved buildings comfortable to use has become a lot harder. Devon’s Village Halls need your help if they are to continue to survive and thrive. Our aim is to raise £1 million to secure a fund
that will provide loans and small grants open to all of Devon’s Village Halls and community buildings.

Funds raised through the LOVE Devon’s Village Halls campaign will be used to support Village halls and community buildings in Devon.

Why do village halls matter?

Like the church, the pub and the shop, the village hall is an essential part of rural Devon. They help communities
flourish, and are places where people come together.

Village halls are home to a number of local groups; a place to learn new skills, stay active and make friends. Village halls are the beating heart of rural life - we need them to thrive. Please help by giving as generously as you can.