Energy costs take up a large portion of our household budgets but we can do something about it!

We are encouraged to explore the different offers from the many supply companies who promise to give us a better deal. But many of us don’t, as we may be suspicious, perhaps are loyal or just don't now where to begin - but you may be missing out on opportunities to save on fuel costs.

Smart ways to save 

The smart ones amongst us are constantly checking price comparison websites and changing fuel suppliers. So, we all need to get smart and start to look hard at what we are being charged.

Where to begin

As trusted representatives of our community, Devon Communities Together and Devon Senior Voice, are taking the opportunity to speak with people in the heart of our community to advise and support energy savings decisions, thanks to funding through the Best Energy Savings Network.

Find out how you can save

We are building a team of local champions who will be at workshops and events around the county, speaking with people about:

  • using energy wisely
  • understanding different tariffs
  • comparing prices
  • switching suppliers


Devon Communities Together

Contact 01392 248919 or email [email protected]