Community Viewfinder is a consultancy service offering a range of solutions designed to gather public opinion for the benefit of the development of their community.

You might be a Town or Parish Council, a Local Authority, a Planning Department, a voluntary or community group, a private company or a public sector agency.

You need to know what matters to a certain group of people or community about a particular issue or issues.

To help you with activities and events such as drop-ins, focus groups, stands at events and formal presentations, we will:

  • help you define what you want to learn or achieve
  • help you plan an event or an activity designed around your community
  • be there on the day, to help run the event
  • help you evaluate, summarise and write a report afterwards
  • advise on ways to gather information and help ensure your process is ‘inclusive’
  • guide you through best practice in preparing surveys and questionnaires
  • arrange printing, setting up electronic surveys and ‘call centre’ resources
  • undertake data entry, tabulate and analyse your results
  • help you write a report based on the results

Good quality community consultation is required to ensure that people understand the issues, feel that they are able to contribute to the decision making process and to make the case for support. 

For an initial, no commitment, discussion about your requirements please contact Dawn Eckhart on 01392 248919 ext*7170 or email [email protected]