Community Support Groups - Information about registering and setting up groups from Devon County Council

Information from Devon County Council Updated on 27th March
Advice for setting up local support groups

As a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, many people have been asking about setting up local groups to support vulnerable residents with shopping, picking up prescriptions, or just keeping in contact.

There is support available from your local Council for Voluntary Service (CVS).

If you are setting up a local group, make sure you are aware of the implications of the current legislation regarding data protection and safeguarding vulnerable adults. Although much of the legislation may not apply to you, there are some important principles you must follow around keeping personal data safe and confidential, and ensuring the most vulnerable are protected from harm.

You can find useful information and resources on the Covid-19 Mutual Aid UK website, and information on data protection for community groups from the Resource Centre website.

 Advice concerning COVID-19 is developing rapidly, so make sure you are aware of the most current and correct advice before engaging with vulnerable residents.

Register a community support group

Many communities in Devon are putting together local initiatives to support those in need. If you are involved with creating or running a local support group, please:

  1. Get in touch with your local Council for Voluntary Service (CVS) who can support you and are coordinating activity. If you are in Exeter, visit the Exeter Community Wellbeing website and for the rest of Devon find contact details on the Devon Voluntary Action (DeVA) website
  2. Please register some basic details with Devon County Council so that we can help to signpost people appropriately
Find a Community Support Group

Many communities in Devon are putting together local initiatives to support those in need. You can find a support group in your area, here. This list is growing fast: to add a local group that is missing, please pass your details to us using this form.

Public and community events

As part of the social distancing measures announced by the Prime Minister on 16 March, everyone is advised to avoid large gatherings and gatherings in smaller public spaces such as pubs, cinemas, restaurants, theatres, bars and clubs.

The advice says that everyone should be trying to follow these measures as much as is pragmatic.  However it is especially important that you to follow the above measures as much as you can and significantly limit your face-to-face interaction with friends and family if possible, if you:

  • are over 70
  • have an underlying health condition
  • are pregnant

This advice is likely to be in place for some weeks.