You will need reliable communications in an emergency.  You may need to pass on warnings, or assist in keeping people informed of the situation.

The Community Emergency Plan Template will help you to record the names and contact details for the key people and resources that will assist you with emergency response. 

Think about how you will communicate if telephones don’t work too.  Look at the Community Emergency Plan Guidance for ideas.

The Roles and Responsibilities Guide and the Emergency Telephone Directory will help you to find out which organisations do what in an emergency and how to contact them.

    Braunton Community Emergency Team

“An emergency plan forms the bedrock upon which any community can base its response to a disaster. Whilst the old Army saying “ No plan survives first contact with the enemy” is true, it is better to have a plan which can be adapted to the situation rather than having to improvise when something happens. A plan enables swift, accurate passage of information to the right people at the appropriate level. In Braunton, we have a professional computer whizz on the Emergency Response Team whose role is to disseminate information to the community via social media. This means of communication proved very successful during the flood of 2012 and it has been refined within the Emergency Plan.”

Patrick, Braunton Community Response Team