Be aware of the risks to the community and understand their effect. For each risk, think about what actions are needed to reduce it happening or minimise its impacts. 

Have a look at our Community Emergency Plan Guidance or pop along to one of our Forum events for further advice.

Ashburton Case Study tbc

“I am becoming more knowledgeable about the causes and how I can help myself and am also now  part of the Flood group...  Learning more about flooding , future risks and how the agencies are involved are important. Meeting and talking to other agencies  was very useful and essential in forming a plan.

Buckfastleigh Lower Town Flood Group and Buckfastleigh Town Council Community Emergency Committee



  1. Getting together and organising the work
  2. Knowing the unknowns
  3. Identifying skills and resources
  4. Legal Health Check
  5. Organising key facilities
  6. Keeping in touch
  7. Activating your emergency plan
  8. Taking control
  9. Testing your plan
10. Information and Publications
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