When you’ve prepared your Emergency Plan for your Community, it pays to test your plans to make sure that they work.

This helps to check there will be a trouble-free response. You’ll find out what works well and what requires improvement. Be prepared to make changes if things don’t work.

Testing your plan also serves as a useful training exercise, as it will help your Community Response Team to become more familiar with the plan.
For ideas on how to test your plan, have a look at the Community Emergency Plan Guidance or visit one of our Forum events.

“The original Emergency Plan was based on theory as, at the time, we had not experienced a flood in the village. The assistance we received in constructing the existing plan, particularly the flood element, was invaluable.

Braunton Flood Group



  1. Getting together and organising the work
  2. Knowing the unknowns
  3. Identifying skills and resources
  4. Legal Health Check
  5. Organising key facilities
  6. Keeping in touch
  7. Activating your emergency plan
  8. Taking control
  9. Testing your plan
10. Information and Publications
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