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Fuel Prepayment Service

We are pleased to provide details of the savings scheme for Devon Oil Collective members, introduced by AF Affinity Limited to help you budget and reduce the impact of heating oil purchases.
You can now save towards the cost of your next fuel delivery by depositing a regular amount each month.
With a minimum contribution from as little as £15 per month, this will help lighten the load when it comes to ordering your next heating oil via Affinity.
Putting aside a regular monthly prepayment amount during the summer months, when usage is typically lower, will help you to keep ahead of the winter demand.
As a guide Affinity suggest below what amount to set for your regular monthly prepayment:

Number of deliveries per annum
Each order volume 1 2 3 4
500 litres £15 £30 £45 £60
1,000 litres £30 £60 £90 £120
1,500 litres £45 £90 £135 £180
2,000 litres £60 £120 £180 £240

How does it work?

  • Your monthly prepayment amount will have been taken by direct debit in the months prior to you ordering.
    In the month that you order, Affinity will draw one more regular prepayment, on the last
    Friday of that month
  • The final payment of any remaining balance will to be taken by direct debit on or shortly after the 24th of the month following.
    A statement will be sent to you confirming the final remaining amount, detailing your previous monthly prepayments and reminding you of the payment date
  • Once this cycle is completed, Affinity will carry any remaining credit forward and start the process again, collecting the regular prepayment amount to ensure you are saving towards your next fuel order

You can opt out of the plan at any time by writing to Affinity. Any remaining prepayment will be repaid to you. Any amount outstanding would be due in full at the time of opting out

To join the Fuel Prepayment Savings Plan please email [email protected] and we will send you an application form and a direct debit mandate, if you do not have one.

Any questions? Then please call us on 01392 248919. 

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