HogCo helps groups in rural areas develop skills and opportunities to grow their own food. This work is known as the Home Grown - Community Owned (HogCo) project.

...there needs to be a renaissance in farming and gardening - especially at a community level.

Martyn Goss, Director for Church and Society in the Diocese of Exeter; commenting on food poverty in the Westcounty. WMN Dec 9,2014

Who is this service for?

Groups who want to start growing their own food or who are already growing their own food and want to develop their project further. You must be based in rural Devon (excludes Torbay, Exeter & Plymouth) and be community based. We are particularly interested in projects that involve disadvantaged groups (including lack of access to land), have an innovative approach to food growing or involve partnerships (e.g. with parish councils or landowners).

How we can help you

We will offer free advice and training, including links to relevant professionals, e.g. a solicitor to draw up a license for your growing land, provide information and toolkits and put you in touch with other groups who are doing similar things.

2014 marked the successful completion of the five year 'Local Food,' funded phase of this project, with outstanding results:

Bringing together, 70 groups, 1000 volunteers, investing £30,0000, this project brought communities together while providing the additional benefit of supplying fresh locally produced food to an estimated 5000 individuals.

The HogCo project tapped in to a wealth of passion, skills, resourcefulness and shared values including: looking after the natural environment
the benefits of local food production and the happiness and well-being that can be derived from coming together in projects that connect people with nature, and each other. 

The HogCO project has made a great impact for communities in Devon and in the year ahead we are exploring new and exciting ways to build on this success and take the venture forward.

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