Job Title: Community Projects Officer

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: £23,398.00 /year

The role of Community Projects Officer is intended to be adaptable, varied and changeable. It supports Project Managers in the effective delivery of specific activities and pieces of project work enabling Devon Communities Together to deliver its social objectives for the benefit of the people & communities of Devon.

You should have experience of community development and the ability to deliver technical advice and support.

Closing date for applications: 9am Thursday 27th April 2017

The Community Projects Officer position has an intentionally wide scope to enable a flexible response to changing policies and programmes for communities across Devon. At any one time the post holder will be expected to take a key role in a number of discrete areas of project work from across the breadth of DCT’s current portfolio of activities. The post holder will be directed and guided in the fulfilment of each project work area by an appointed Project Manager.

Community Work and Development:

  • To work directly with communities, and with partner agencies, to develop or improve the quality of life and vibrancy of communities.
  • To deliver a project-based response across the areas of engagement identified within DCT’s Strategic Plan.
  • To react to general enquiries from Communities, Organisations and other client groups. Researching, responding, redirecting and advising as appropriate.
  • Work areas may include: Community Led Planning (Parish Plans, Neighbourhood Plans, Community Emergency Plans). Community Assets (Village Halls, Sport and Play areas etc.). Fuel Poverty. Social Enterprise support.
  • Project Support: Supporting Project Managers in the effective delivery of specific pieces of project work as are secured from time to time.
  • Representation: To represent DCT and voluntary sector interests on relevant bodies and forums as appropriate.
  • Research: To research, analyse and keep abreast of trends and issues affecting communities, along with relevant initiatives and projects.
  • Project Development: To keep abreast of current issues, trends and developments that are likely to influence the work of DCT.
  • To identify need in communities, in order to contribute to the development of future projects, policies and programmes.
  • Marketing: To write, prepare and collate promotional material for DCT, and to actively promote the work of Devon Communities Together to rural communities and enabling agencies.
  • Membership – promoting membership of DCT.
  • All Staff Duties : To prepare and assist with reports, articles, and any DCT monitoring requirements. To attend Staff and other meetings of DCT as required.
  • Other Duties To undertake any other duties commensurate with the Job Purpose as directed by DCT Senior Management/Directors.

Required education

Secondary education

Required experience:

Community: 3 years
Required licence or certification:

Driving Licence

How to Apply

For an application pack please e-mail
Or to discuss the role further call Greg Davies on 01392 248919

Alternatively, you can also apply using Indeed here.