Dawlish emergency highlights importance of home emergency planning

Published on 11th February 2019

Following the major gas leak and evacuation in Dawlish on 4th Feb, the Devon Community Resilience Board would like to remind people with essential medication to ensure you always have a supply available in case you if you ever need to evacuate your property.

The 4th Feb gas leak saw approximately 150 Dawlish residents temporarily evacuated to a rest shelter, and a number of those evacuated left essential medication behind, including medication for diabetes and dementia.

The Devon Community Resilience Board recommend having a home emergency plan, which includes an emergency bag which contains items such as:

• Medication • Copy of your household emergency plan if you have one • National Health Service numbers (ask your doctor’s surgery) • Toiletries • First Aid Kit • Antibacterial hand gel • Wind up radio • Wind up torch • Spare batteries • Notebook and pen • Important documents • Essential keys • Items such as glasses for children and other people you care for • Mobile phone and charger • Items for pets • Cash/debit/credit cards

For more information on developing your home emergency plan to ensure you are best prepared in the event of an emergency see our guide here.