Parent Carer Forum Devon

Parent carer forum devon

COnnect - EMpower - Influence

The new independent Parent Carer Forum for Devon

For ALL families of children and young people with additional needs and disabilities in Devon

We are an independent group of parents and carers of children and young people with additional needs and disabilities. We work in partnership with the Local Authority (LA), the NHS and other professionals to make sure that services in Devon are accessible and meet the needs of children and their families. We are volunteers who want to make things better for the families, children and young people of Devon.

We connect with

  • parents and carers
  • parent carer support groups
  • neighbouring and national Parent Carer Forums
  • Devon Information, Advice and Support (DIAS)
  • the Local Authority
  • the NHS
  • other professionals

We aim to empower through signposting, access to training and networking

We influence policies, decisions and services through co-production

Parents or carers of a child with any type of additional need or disability who live in or access services in Devon are welcome to join. Joining PCFD does not mean you have to commit lots of time. You can join and receive information, and then decide if you want to get more involved at your own pace. We’ll share what we’ve been up to in our quarterly newsletters. Get involved by emailing