Why not join the 100 club and support Devon Senior Voice?

The monthly draw which first started in May 2016, has already raised nearly £1300 to support the continuation of the Devon Senior Voice. You can join now! DSV 100 Club application form April 2017

Members can use a banker’s order or cheque or bank transfer.

Please remember it is not practical to issue individual receipts and reminders by post because that would cause an additional administrative burden and the costs would reduce the money that goes to the DSV funds.

Any members who would like to check when their subscription requires renewing are welcome to contact me, Ian, by phone on 01884 252460 (please leave a message) or email

Support us AND have a chance of winning a prize in the the monthly draw?

The latest winners are published here on the website and in our newsletters.

February 2018

1st Prize – Christopher Rich – £36

2nd Prize -Noel Harrower – £18.00

3rd Prize – Brian Hartley – £9.00

January 2018

1st Prize – £36 – William Tampion

2nd Prize – £18 – Mr and Mrs KW Sole

3rd Prize – £10 – Paul Narramore

July 2017 - 155 in draw

1 William Tampion £31

2 June Mumford £16

2 Jean Merrifield £16

3 D J Bettony £8

3 Jean Stone £8