Our open countryside believes the fact that playing fields, sports facilities and play areas are a struggle for rural communities, yet they are an important part of a community's development and wellbeing.

Sport, recreation and play can improve the lives of individuals, raise self-esteem, improve confidence levels and provide enjoyment. They also have a part to play in building safer and stronger communities, strengthening the economy, developing the skills of local people and meeting the needs of children, as well as providing a wide range of health benefits.

Regular participation in sport, recreation and play can reduce the likelihood of ill health, reducing mortality risk, as well as playing a significant part in helping to tackle obesity.

How we can help

  • We champion the protection and creation of playing fields and the development of sport and play facilities
  • We help with project and operational advice, public consultation, negotiation, funding and training

For advice and support please call Martin Rich on 01392248919 ext*141 or email [email protected]