Anna Lane

Anna initially moved to Devon to study, but when graduation arrived, the thought of leaving Devon was not one that she entertained for long. Her interests and experiences all point towards a common goal - enabling others to realise their potential, grow and thrive. Some of those interests and experiences include work in inclusive employment, social mobility, evaluation, body positivity, youth work, the arts, and theology.

She primarily works on Empowering Enterprise and Experience Works - projects for which DCT is contracted to support each partnership by leading on Impact Measurement and Employer & Community Engagement. 

In evaluating project work, Anna enjoys holding in tension the need for meticulous attention to detail and practical mechanisms on the ground, alongside aerial perspectives and high level strategic planning. Using a Theory of Change, she examines the activity, outcomes and impact of various projects to offer conclusions about their social value and overall impact. She is keen to reflect findings back to delivery partners, funders and other stakeholders, to support them to understand key learnings for future development. Anna also enjoys supporting grass-roots organisations to better understand, celebrate and showcase their own impact.

Anna is passionate about inclusive workplace practices, and advocates for the Social Model of Disability to bust the myth that individuals are the ones who usually present access barriers, and highlight the need to dismantle the systemic structures that are often responsible for them. She hopes for a more inclusive climate across workplaces in Devon and is keen to collaborate on moving this vision towards reality.

In terms of youth, Anna has a range of experience in working with young people, in both the UK and South Australia. These experiences include working with school pupils from socioeconomically deprived areas to consider Higher Education, supporting students in planning their prospective career paths, and delivering workshops and focus groups on social activism. She enjoys work that develops equal opportunities and social mobility.



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