Greg Davies

Greg has a commercial background in International Banking. Following early retirement Greg changed career direction to become involved in community development. He spent 3 years focusing on urban regeneration in Luton and Dunstable. During this time he progressed from Project Manager, managing a range of individual projects, to Programme Manager, with responsibility for Single Regeneration Budget and ERDF Objective 2 programmes and finally to Finance Manager for the partnership. After a move to Devon in 2004 Greg accepted a role as a Community Projects Officer with the then Community Council of Devon. Over 14 years Greg has continued to develop his knowledge and experience of project and service delivery in a rural context and has progressed through the management structure to now head up the operational delivery team as Operations Director.

I love Devon because….

Perhaps It’s the beautiful countryside and coasts that engender the unique spirit of empathy and warmth amongst Devonians (even us adopted ones).