Exmoor Rural Housing Network

1st April 2018 - 31st March 2019

It is often very difficult for people living on Exmoor to find homes that they can afford and are close to work and family. This problem is caused by high house prices, by high demand and low average wages. Unless local people are able to live and work on the moor, village community life will suffer and villages become enclaves of the wealthy and retired.

The Exmoor Rural Housing Network* is launching a new project that aims to work to try to meet the housing needs of local people living on Exmoor in both West Somerset and Devon.  

We aim to work closely with local communities, Parish Councils, individuals, Exmoor National Park Authority and voluntary agencies to help more people find solutions to their housing needs.

Follow the link below to watch a video that gives insight into a self-build project on Exmoor. This house is one of the finalists in the Telegraph self-build completion due to be judged by the end of November and demonstrates how an affordable self-build project on a restricted budget can be bespoke and beautifully designed.


During July 2018 the Exmoor Rural Housing Network[1] conducted a survey of businesses on Exmoor to find out the views of local employers on whether the supply of local housing may be affecting local businesses and their ability to function optimally.  This survey was available on line as a Survey Monkey survey and available from the Exmoor Rural Housing Network Facebook page.  It was widely advertised to local businesses through direct emails, social media and publicity through networks held by Exmoor National Park Authority and Business Exmoor and Exmoor Young Voices. 

Exmoor Business Survey Report

[1] The Exmoor Rural Housing Network is a partnership of local organisations and individuals across Exmoor with the common concern of helping local people find suitable and affordable housing on Exmoor.  

If you would like to discuss issues related to housing on Exmoor please contact Sue on 01392 248919 or email sue@devoncommunities.org.uk.

How we can help...
  • Helping people apply for existing housing
  • Conversions of empty or underused buildings
  • Self-build projects
  • Working with developers and other organisations
  • Setting up local community land trusts to enable local solutions
  • Working with landowners who have sites they want to have considered
  • Identifying sites which may be suitable for self-build
Are you looking for a local home?

If so please contact Sue Southwell who will start to explore your housing options with you. Her contact details are below. 
Sue will be building and maintaining a register of people who are looking for local housing to meet their individual needs.

How you can help…

You may be in the position of being able to help people in your area who have a housing need. For example do you have some land or a redundant building or a holiday let you would like to be used in this way? If so let us know about it and we will arrange for pre-planning advice about its suitability.

We are also looking for land which may be suitable, either for individual self-build or for groups of custom build homes. If you know of land in or adjoining a settlement that you think might be suitable, tell us about it.

Sue will also be recruiting and training Local Housing Contacts who will be able to help signpost households in housing need to the appropriate organisations. More details about your Local Housing Contact will be available shortly.

If you are interested in becoming a Local Housing Contact please contact Sue to discuss what this entails.

For further details about any of the above:

Contact Sue Southwell
Exmoor Rural Housing Network Coordinator
01392 248919*121

Members of the Exmoor Rural Housing Network include many members representing Exmoor communities and the following organisations: Exmoor National Park Authority; County Council for Somerset; Exmoor Young  Voices; Devon Communities Together; West Somerset District Council; North Devon District Council; West Somerset CLT Project; Caracatus; Addington Fund; Exmoor Society; Hastoe Housing Association.

Please download and share news of this service with neighbours and friends