JUne 2019

The Buturi Project is a small Exmouth based charity with a big vision committed to supporting the impoverished and underdeveloped Tanzanian Buturi community through a variety of self-sustaining programmes.  The biggest challenge is that Judith relies upon part time volunteers in and around Exmouth for the work she is doing and needs to develop a scalable business model to move the organisation forward and to start employing people locally.

The challenge is to transition the organisation from small scale fund raising to a much larger scale that will meet our growing needs.

A series of 1:1 enterprise coaching sessions (upto 12hrs) were delivered at the charity’s office in Exmouth on the following themes:

  • How to build the number of trustees that can make a difference
  • How to build on Human Resources, specifically geared towards fund raising
  • How to plan Office Administration / Management
  • How to plan Corporate Sponsorship
  • How recruit Patrons or Ambassadors
  • How to develop a scalable business model


A 10 year vision for the charity with clear metrics and supporting structures was developed. Upskilling, training, supporting and advising the founder to start to make changes gives the Charity the best opportunity to achieve positive outcomes for its community both locally and overseas.

“Thank you Matthew for your professionalism and enthusiasm, you have a big heart and have provided exactly what I needed to transition and grow the project” Judith Smith, June 2019

New Start Devon is receiving funding from the European Regional Development Fund.