Energy saving and fuel poverty

Devon Communities Together provides a range of support to help people in Devon save energy and money, helping to alleviate fuel poverty in our county. 

big energy saving network

Find out more about booking our energy champion for a FREE energy saving workshop in your community, which could help people reduce their fuel bills this winter.

Click here to visit our Big Energy Saving Network page

Energy affordability fund

In partnership with Western Power Distribution we will support people in the communities at greatest risk of fuel poverty as well as those people who may not find it easy to access digital support, whether that’s through a lack of skills or equipment. The team will be offering home visits, video calls and telephone support to directly help individuals with a whole range of issues around their fuel bills, including practical help with dealing with energy suppliers, accessing the financial assistance available, help with understanding the terminology around domestic energy, looking at alternative energy sources and more.

Find out more about the energy affordability fund here

devon oil collective

Do you use heating oil? Would you like to save money, have a single point of contact for ordering and help to raise money for Devon Communities Together?

Find out more about joining Devon Oil Collective here