Devon Community Resilience Forum

1st April 2018 - 31st March 2024


 the In-person event 17th may 2023 at Bridestowe was really buzzing! contact us if you are interested in attending future events.
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what is the devon community resilience forum?

Devon Community Resilience Forum supports communities to develop their community emergency plan; a document that guides community response in an emergency and helps communities to prepare. Community emergency plans are also uploaded to a secure website where they can be viewed by the emergency services, if there is an emergency in your community they will be able to view your plan and understand how the community may already be responding, where there is high risk, and what resources the community has.

Alongside supporting plan development we run twice yearly forum events to help increase your local resilience and network with other communities (the spring/summer event will be in-person and the winter event online).

Resilience Forum Resources 

Grant funding for  emergency planning

Apply now if:

  • You are preparing a community emergency plan or
  • You have recently submitted a community emergency plan and need practical help to implement it eg small scale works and equipment

Apply here for grant funding for 2022/23!

EMergency planning