Grant funding for community emergency resilience

Devon Emergency Resilience Fund Guidelines

Grant funding to help Devon Communities be better prepared in the event of an emergency (including flooding).

The Devon Community Resilience Forum has established an Emergency Resilience Grant scheme to support communities across the county affected by extreme weather events.

The initiative offers two funding schemes – scheme 1 up to £250 to help communities to develop emergency plans and scheme 2 up to £1,500 to support small scale works and resilience equipment for those communities that have an emergency plan in place or are in the process of preparing one.

Scheme 1 funding is intended to help with organising a public meeting within your community, printing leaflets, hiring a venue and providing some basic refreshments with the aim of establishing a Community Response Team who will take responsibility for developing your Community Emergency Plan.

Scheme 2 funding is intended as a “fast track” grant to provide:

  • Rapid purchase of simple flood equipment (PPE, signs, sand bags etc.);
  • Exceptionally, a contribution to minor, practical works. (However, this will not cover activity that is otherwise being promoted through the community self-help / Road Warden scheme, such as clearance of drains, or general maintenance works that are the responsibility of land owners).
  • For those communities that have recently experienced flooding, works to assist community recovery and getting things back to normal will be included.

Applications are made via a simple two-page form in Word (available below). Any constituted group (Parish Council or Community Group) with a bank account is able to apply for the grant.

All communities and applications will be considered, however those areas affected in the most recent flooding will be prioritised in order to help those communities get back on their feet and address any immediate issues.

If a community is interested in developing an emergency plan then the scheme one grant is still available to assist with this (grant scheme 1, see below). Devon Communities Together is also available to help groups put their plan together.

Purpose of fund and criteria

Scheme 1 - up to £250 for communities that wish to develop their own Community Emergency Plan           

The Devon Community Resilience Board (DCRB) wants to encourage more communities to produce community emergency plans. A community emergency plan helps to guide a community to organise a response to a local emergency from flooding and snow to the completely unexpected. We will upload your completed community emergency plan to a secure government gateway. This enables emergency responders to combine your local knowledge with their expertise, allowing an effective place based, joined-up response. Devon’s communities can bid for this fund to help form their own Community Emergency Planning group.

Further guidance and support on creating the group can also be provided from the Forum with in-person attendance from a Devon Communities Together Resilience Project Officer.

Scheme 2 - up to £1,500 for small scale works and resilience equipment

Experience has shown that a wide range of small resilience measures can make a real difference to communities. This funding is available to communities to improve their own resilience with equipment and small scale works, and may range from the provision of sandbag stores and other flood protection equipment, road signs, tools and personal protective equipment, to one off small scale works to reduce risk.

We recommend that your Community Emergency Response Team defines its own shopping list to meet local requirements. Examples of resilience measures can be provided by the Forum, other communities or the Devon County Council Flood Team to help you consider what might be best for you.

How can you apply?

Download the Application Form for Scheme 1 or the APPLICATION FORM for scheme 2 and guidance notes

or email or call 01392 248919

Completed forms should be returned to Devon Communities Together, as directed on the form, together with any quotes or screenshots for the items you wish to purchase. There is no closing date for applications, however the fund is limited and will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

Contact if you have any queries about the funds or the application process. 

Next Steps

Applications will usually be processed within 14 days of receipt

You will be contacted by email to confirm approval of your application

With the exception of minor work, all grant money must be spent within a month of receipt, and evidence of expenditure will be required.

How will payments be made?

Payments will be made by bank transfer. The fund is unable to make payments direct to contractors/suppliers.

It should also be noted that the applicants remain responsible for all aspects of the work and DCT or the Devon Community Resilience Board will not intervene in disputes between applicants, suppliers, contractors and landowners. The Board cannot accept any liability for any damages, financial loss, etc. resulting from the group or parish and town councils’ activities.

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