Empowering Enterprise continues to support young people into work

Published on 30th November 2021

The Empowering Enterprise project has been extended to 2023 and is continuing to support young people into work.

Devon Communities Together produces a biannual evaluation of Empowering Enterprise and the report for January – June 2021 is now available.

Key findingsinclude:

  • During this period, despite restrictions caused by Covid, 53 new particpants entered the programme and a further 58 engaged but have yet to complete registration.
  • Of these, four have gone into employment.
  • Since the start of the project in 2017, 710 young people have taken part out of a target of 989.
  • 145 participants have entered education or training, from a target of 205 for the whole project.
  • 108 participants have gone on to employment or self-employment from a target of 164, for the whole project.
  • In the reporting period over 1,000 sessions took place, including one to one mentoring and groups.
  • One of the findings of the report is that Covid lockdowns resulted in increased anxiety for many participants. Delivery partners worked creatively to overcome this including by use of video- and text-based communications and mobile offices.

The full report can be read here or downloaded here.