Devon Oil Collective

Our County wide heating oil purchasing scheme that offers a simple way to ensure that you receive competitive oil prices and can spread the cost of your heating.Read more

Devon Rural Housing Awards 2017

Meet the winners of the Devon Rural Housing Partnership’s Annual Rural Housing Awards.Read more

Devon Association of Local Councils

The voice of local councils in DevonRead more

Housing Need Surveys

Click here to access Churchstow housing needs surveyRead more

Catalyst consultancy

We are a team of rural and community development advisers, who are helping the people of Devon to grow and develop the businesses activities, facilities and services that are important to them.Read more

Neighbourhood Planning

Have your say in the kind and amount of development that is appropriate for your community.Read more

Affordable Housing

The Devon Rural Housing Partnership is dedicated to the need for affordable homes in rural Devon.Read more

Community engagement

Retaining and developing local identity, distinctiveness and a sense of place.Read more

Community facilities

Supporting the management committees and organisers of community buildings to develop and operate essential community assets.Read more