Fit for Work? Benefits and the Work Capability Assessment

Around 40% of people claiming benefits for sickness are found fit for work, but about 65% of people who challenge decisions are successful. Come on this course and learn how to help them and others to navigate the minefield.Read more

Personal Independence Payment

Many people could get this if only they claimed and many miss out when they do claim. With around 80% of appeals being successful when supported by advisers, it must be worth coming and finding out how to make sure it’s not ‘No Payment’ for the people with disabilities that you support. Read more

Benefits for Older People

With the introduction of Universal Credit stealing the limelight, there’s a danger of older people’s benefits entitlement being left in the shadows. Find out how to make sure older people don’t miss out their rights. Read more

Benefits Overview

Don’t know your PIP from your ESA? Confused about what Universal Credit is and who can claim it when? This course can help you pick your way through the minefield and help you support others to do the same. Read more

Universal Credit

Is it actually Universal? No. When is it coming in? Depends where you live. How many people will be affected? About 7 to 12 million. Come and find out more, so that you can support people to negotiate the changes and make sure they get what they’re entitled to. Read more

Benefits and Work

Employment in the South West is around 78% with the average number of hours worked being 31 per week. People in and out of work with fluctuating work need to know how benefits work. Come and find out so that the people you support can find out too. Read more