The Social Enterprise Approach: evolve . transform . sustain

A course for entrepreneurs - taking a closer look the social enterprise model, what makes it special, how they evolve and how business can be sustained. From £25 for the Voluntary Community and Social Enterprise Sectors (including Local Councils). Call 01392 248919 to book now.Read more

Involving Volunteers in your Social Enterprise

This ½ day course looks at how SE’s can attract and manage volunteers in their social business. Book now call 01392 248919Read more

Developing Effective Partnerships

Using good processes and strategies can help organisations work well together. This can benefit staff, volunteers, service users and beyond. This is particularly true for partnerships that are seeking to develop new or existing work. We will cover the logistics of working in partnership, stakeholder management, networking and shared reporting. Read more

An Introduction to Project Planning

With demands on voluntary organisations increasing, good project management is increasingly essential to ensure that projects are delivered to time and budget. Beyond delivery of the project, effective management can improve staff retention, volunteer engagement, partnership development and lots more. This workshop will provide a step by step look at how to effectively plan and manage a project.Read more

Income Generation Strategies for Voluntary Organisations

The changing nature of local service provision is increasing both opportunities and challenges for groups and increasing the need to develop sustainable businesses plans. This workshop looks at the drivers for diversification within your own organisation, how diversification relates to new approaches and strategies that influence marketing, fundraising, project development and much more. Read more

Funding Your Vision

Explore the full range of funding sources available to our sector and how to get better at getting them with this interactive workshop with plenty of opportunity to explore your own particular project, network with like-minded people and learn from one-another’s experiences. Read more

Rural Futures Conference 2017

The annual Rural Futures Conference is the essential gathering of those concerned with rural issues in Devon. The Conference has become an established feature in the County’s calendar and we are pleased to offer you opportunities to support the event year on year.Read more