Devon libraries supported


The group approached Devon Communities Together for support with developing their ambitious plans which would combine taking over the running and provision of the local Topsham library with a major rebuild project.

Their vision is a new build on the site of the existing Topsham Library library which would co-locate the services of Estuary League of Friends with a new public library.

Initially Devon Communities Together provided the Estuary League of Friends committee with a development diagnostic, then planned and delivered a community engagement exercise in partnership with the libraries service and the committee.

Over 140 local people, from a range of different groups, became involved in shaping the project; what will be in the building, what services will be run from it and what the building might look like.

There were 38 offers of practical help in a voluntary capacity, including offers from 18 people to help run the library.

Image appeared in the Express and Echo, April 2015  when Topsham library was handed back to residents after its much-needed makeover was completed.

Topsham Library revamp: front row from left, are Chair of Estuary League of Friends Dr Kate Hattersley, Cllr Andrew Leadbetter, Chief Executive of the League of Friends Rachel Gilpin, Chairman of Midas Steve Hindley and Cllr Margaret Baldwin.