Leading Healthwatch Devon to Independance

This exciting project began for Devon Communities Together in 2013 when they were awarded a contract by Devon County Council to develop a new consumer champion for health and care services. Healthwatch Devon was launched in April 2013 and in three years, under the management of Devon Communuities Together, is ready to stand alone.

“3 years ago, this was a new concept, a body totally focused on the consumer experience.”
Elaine Cook, CEO, Devon Communities Together

Devon Communities Together set out to create this body and deliver the services required in order to develop an organisation that would fulfil the vision and be equipped to take this much needed service forward. Independence was always the plan and part of the model that Devon Communities Together developed.

“We are grateful for the support we have received from Devon Communities Together. With their help we have built a strong and forward-looking service that is now able to make its own way in the world.”
Miles Sibley, Executive Director of Healthwatch Devon

Today marks an important milestone for both organisations and a success that deserves celebration.

“We have loved hosting the project and are really delighted it works so well. It was a pleasure to be able to “float off” the organisation today and we are looking forward to continuing our close relationship with Healthwatch Devon as part of our commitment to the health and wellbeing of our communities.”
Elaine Cook

Visit the Healthwatch Devon website and have your say about health and social care