FREE Emergency Planning Workshop for Parishes

Course Category:
First aid, fire safety and food safety
, Health and Wellbeing
, Community Development

*PLEASE NOTE, Two free places per parish for parish council members or others interested in helping to prepare and operate a plan. If further spaces are needed please contact in advance. 

Emergency planning is about putting strategies in place to reduce the impact of an incident.

We know communities pull together to support each other when emergencies occur. However, you can make your response even more organised and effective, by preparing a Community Emergency Plan. There is no way of knowing if, when, or under what circumstances you may need to have a community plan, but, having a plan will make you feel confident you’ve done everything you can if an emergency occurs.

aims and objectives

Topics covered will include:

  • Why a community emergency plan?
  • Terminology
  • Planning for an emergency
  • What to do in an emergency
  • Keeping your plan effective
  • Support, funding and information
  • Using a 'toolkit'

about your tutor 

Martin Rich

Martin is an expert in community led planning, often called parish or town plans, which are often the turnkey to many actions that build and bind communities.

Village halls take up much of Martin’s time, providing advice on governance, management, building works and funding. Working with village hall committees to enhance these key facilities is a major contribution to community sustainability.

He also advises on the development and protection of sport, play and recreation facilities and is an energy advisor, helping people navigate the complexities of the energy market and dealing with intricate cases of fuel poverty. Additionally, he gives presentations on the role of DCT to parish meetings and local groups and organises our stand at Devon County Show and a number of local shows, so that we can get 'out and about', to meet the communities we help.

Martin has put together programmes for our Rural Futures Conference, giving him a chance to promote the development of rural communities and local facilities. He also helps to organise the annual visit of Dutch university students for a fieldwork fortnight but is still waiting for the invitation back!

special requirements

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