Free online seminar: Ageing Well Without Children

Course Category: Health and Wellbeing, Housing, Social and Community Enterprise, Community Development

Understanding what it means to be ageing without children and how it affects people in later life is crucial to all us who provide care, support and companionship to older people.

There are now over 1 million people aged over 65 in the UK who have never been parents and this will double to 2 million by 2030.

People approaching later life who do not have children, or whose children do not live nearby, may be asking questions such as: "Who will do all the things I currently do for my ageing parents, from helping them overcome the terror of dementia, to buying their clothes to standing up for them when they are being ignored in hospital. And who will hold my hand and tell me they love me when I'm dying?”

This short online workshop is aimed at service providers who work with people in later life, to enable them to better support people facing these questions.

It will introduce you to the topic of ageing without children, consider the different reasons why people are ageing without children, the impact it has on individuals, services and the community and what changes need to be made.

The workshop will be delivered by Kirstie Woodard of Ageing Well Without Children, in conjunction with our Devon Highlights project. 

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