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Course Description

Poor mental health is costing your organisation about £1,035* per employee per year. Our mental health awareness training course will help you to reduce the poor mental health in your workforce. This will happen by helping everyone understand how mental health affects us all and by banishing the stigma associated with poor mental health. Then you can reduce your associated costs of poor mental health.

Reduce poor mental health within your organisation and you will have a happier more productive workforce.
Research shows happy employees are 12% more productive.

This course is for you and all your colleagues, not just for managers. We believe that by advising everyone about their mental health and how it works, we can help reduce the costs of poor mental health, in your organisation, associated with presenteeism and absenteeism.

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Watch course author Ann McCracken explaining why she created the course:


Aims and Objectives


Mental Health Awareness has stormed to the top of many organisations’ agendas, as Senior Management realise the vital economic importance of good mental health . Poor mental health is costing the individual and the organisation. This course can reduce that cost.

Learning Outcomes:

The objective of the course is to reduce poor mental health in the workforce, and it’s associated costs, by helping everyone understand the following topics:

  • Mental health explained
  • Banish the stigma of poor mental health
  • The fluidity of mental health. The mental health continuum
  • The main causes triggering poor mental health in the workplace
  • Coping strategies
  • Identifying the symptoms of poor mental health
  • Preventing poor mental health
  • Improving and managing poor mental health
  • Supporting those with poor mental health
  • Wellbeing and Mindfulness explained with examples

About Your Tutor

Ann McCracken trained as a scientist working in the medical and educational sectors and is now an experienced stress management consultant and trainer. Ann is an author, hypnotherapist, media expert, motivational speaker, media expert and coach. Read more about Anna here:

Completing the course

You have 12 months from the date of your purchase to complete the online course. If you have any queries throughout this time please contact our training adminstrator on 01392 248919 or

This course is an online course that may be completed in your own time. Timings vary of course dependant on the individual. The average time taken is under 20 minutes, which includes a quiz and a recorded test. Successful users will be awarded a Certificate of Successful Course completion. 

Group bookings

There are savings available for block bookings of 11 or more people. Please contact our training adminstrator on 01392 248919 or for more information.