Coronavirus emergency response fund - Devon Community Foundation

Published on 15th January 2021

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DCF are pleased to announce the reopening of it’s Devon Coronavirus Response & Recovery Fund (DCRRF) today as result of the recent lockdown measures.

In 2020 the DCRRF distributed over £1.1 million to small local charities and community organisations, to enable them to carry out a wide range of activities and endeavours, some much different to their previous practices, in order to support vulnerable people during the pandemic.

The fund, that closed later in the year, was then superseded by a Core Cost Fund that aimed to help the groups themselves, as they reported their own financial discord.

As 2021 begins many people are now facing a repeat of the difficulties they encountered last year.  DCF have decided to reopen this funding in the hope it can help some of the groups offering support to revive or continue their services to support them.

One issue in particular that before Christmas gained National media spotlight, was food poverty.

In November DCF distributed just under £25,000 raised by Co-op supermarket to local foodbanks and groups delivering emergency meals to help with provisions.

In December DCF was proud to announce a partnership with Devon County Council relating to the food crisis. A grant programme was set up and funds were being awarded as just as the Christmas holidays approached, that were aimed specifically at supporting work relating to the feeding of households with children.

DCF were quick to re-open this fund in the New Year in order to allow groups to think more about food provision for families leading up to Easter. This fund, they are pleased to declare, is still very much open for applications.