Community Unity latest and what's next

Published on 15th October 2017

What is the project doing?

  • Asset Mapping – gathering local knowledge and collating a new directory of local resources.
  • Ideas Factory events – facilitated exercises tapping into local enthusiasm to deliver novel solutions.
  • Action Plans – distilled the Factory findings down into a set of actions to move ahead with.
  • Timebanking – working collaboratively to deliver a new volunteering framework.
  • Crowdfunding – demonstration projects to open up alternative funding sources to the community.
  • Emergency Planning – encouraging resilience through the development of plans and volunteers.

What’s next?

  • Continue to follow through on Action Plan points.
  • Encouraging and supporting activities and initiatives that fall out from APs (or appear).
  • Identify initial Timebanking opportunities and work to deliver as examples.
  • Raise awareness of Crowdfunding opportunities and identify small pilot projects to put through system.
  • Continue to work with Town Clerks to progress and deliver Emergency Plans.
  • Line up potential volunteers to support their local plans (flood wardens/snow wardens/etc.)
  • Work with relevant agencies/providers to prepare training to develop these volunteer pools.
  • Continue to connect with identified support groups, projects and networks.
  • Work with them to recruit, train and deploy volunteers.
  • Database training opportunities. Introduce links to communities as required.
  • Finalise ToC Model, ensure all activities are aligned to it and working correctly.