Exeter College seeking Industry Placement Employers

Published on 30th September 2020

exeter college

We're pleased to share this exciting opportunity from Exeter College, which is seeking employers to work with 2nd year students from January 2021- July 2021, on 'T-Levels' - the next level qualification. 

What are they?
An Industry Placement (IP) is a long-term and meaningful on-the-job experience which specifically correlates with a student’s field of study and their career objectives.

What makes T Levels different?
T Levels have been developed in collaboration with employers and businesses and will provide the skills and knowledge needed to progress to highly skilled employment, university level study or Apprenticeship.

All T Levels will include an industry placement with an employer so that students can apply their learning in a real workplace environment. Around 80% of time will be spent in the classroom with the remaining 20% being spent on placement. This differs to an Apprenticeship, which is typically 80% on-the-job and 20% in
the classroom and more suited to those who feel ready to enter the workforce at 16.

Who do these apply to?
2nd Year students studying towards Level 3 Extended Diploma in a whole range of subjects (see employer information sheet below).

• An IP is a perfect opportunity to develop human capital and as a talent stream to your business.
• A golden opportunity to measure a student’s performance prior to offering potential Apprenticeships, Traineeships or employment.
• Students will arrive with a good level of knowledge and skills, as well as being eager and committed add immediate value whilst developing significant skills throughout an IP.
• Your employees will have the opportunity to develop their own mentoring and leadership skills
• You will become an IP flagship employer of the future, bringing tangible benefit to the local, regional and wider economy.
• We require employers who are willing to offer relevant, meaningful and purposeful IPs.
• The IP must give the student relevant opportunities to develop their technical and soft skills.
• The students will require your time to help support them in their IP as well as the provision of a safe and comfortable work environment.

For further information or if you have any questions please contact James Webb (IPLO) at: jameswebb02@exe-coll.ac.uk or tel: 07392910020.

You can also download the following documents for further details: 

Employer Information Sheet

T-levels leaflet