Flood Day Campaign - September 16th 2018

Published on 14th September 2018

As part of the Devon Community Resilience Forum (DCRF) project we have chosen to show our support for the 30 Days 30 Ways UK campaign.

30 Days 30 Ways UK is a campaign designed to help promote better preparedness for day to day emergencies such as power cuts, water main bursts, gas leaks, fires, transport strikes, road closures and more. The campaign takes place throughout the month of September every year across social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter by using the hashtag #30Days30WaysUK. Anyone can join the #30days30waysUK preparedness games to get better informed and prepared through fun activities and games for all. 

September 16th is 'Flood Day' in the 30 Days 30 Ways UK campaign and we would like to share a blog post from a community in Yorkshire of an interview with Andrew Entwistle (Flood Warden at Hebden Bridge.)

Hebden Bridge is in the Calder Valley. Rain runs down the steep sides of the valley, gains momentum and then hits the town centre. Homes and businesses have been flooded many times. As a consequence, they have organised into an active Flood Volunteer group to deal with a very real threat of further flooding. To read more visit... www.ukflooddefencealliance.com