Teignbridge District Council: Help shape the future of housing development

Published on 1st June 2020

Teignbridge District Council wants to hear your thoughts on Housing suggested in local plan 

Teignbridge District Council is asking for your support to help to decide on the types of housing needed to meet demand:

'The reasons why new homes are needed and the type we should be building are the focus of our local plan consultation – not the number or locations of properties that may be built.

Housing needs vary according to age group so different types and sizes of homes are required for young people, families, older people and people with disabilities.

Our rising population means we need more houses. Lifestyle changes mean that we need more homes than in the past due to lower property turnover arising from people living longer, smaller households and more people living alone.

Building insufficient homes to keep up with demand has contributed to average house prices in Teignbridge being more than ten times the average household salary. More than 1,000 people need to find an affordable home in the district to rent or buy, with many younger people moving away to find one. This demand cannot be met by the small number of empty homes.

Within the next 20 years, one in three local residents will be aged over 65 and one in eight over 80 so we need houses that meet their needs, as well as homes young people can afford so that they stay as part of the skilled workforce needed for a thriving economy.'

So what do you think of the types of housing suggested in the local plan to meet this demand?

  • Affordable homes for those most in need and provided at the lowest rents
  • Accessible homes, built for older people and/or people with disabilities as well as care homes and retirement communities
  • Self build homes on the edges of larger villages
  • Modular or ‘tiny homes’ which are environmentally friendly, more affordable and attractive to younger people
  • Countryside homes for rural workers who need to live where they work
  • Existing buildings, especially in the countryside, being converted and re-used

Give your thoughts on theses ideas, here