#Voicing Loneliness Sound Archive

Published on 24th April 2020

DCT is creating a sound archive as part of our Devon Highlights project called #VoicingLoneliness.

This is an opportunity to ‘tell your story’ as part of a Devon wide archive of sound, to document the key themes of isolation and loneliness at an unprecedented time in history.  We want to start to have more honest conversations and dialogue around the realities of isolation and loneliness, and all our stories can help to remove the stigma of loneliness and help that to happen.

Can I be identified?

No, all recordings will be completely anonymous. Please see our data policy at the bottom of this page for more information.  

Do I have to be a part of Devon Highlights to take part?

No! If you are already signed up as a participant to Devon Highlights the community officers are here to help you know more about this on your 121-phone call or at the zoom meeting as well as following the links.

If you are not a participant with Devon Highlights but would like to tell your story, our only stipulation is that you live in Devon.  It is really important that you tell us your age and where in Devon you live, this will help us to start to see the different subtleties of how we can be affected by isolation and loneliness in different parts of Devon and at different stages of our lives.  Perhaps this would be a good activity to do if you are in isolation with your whole family? Or if you want to get your parents to document their stories for prosperity?  Or perhaps it’s just great to know at DCT we care about YOU and would just love to hear what you have got to say? 


There are 3 ways to take part

It will only take 10 minutes and don’t worry about whether you have digital skills, everyone can take part, either by using WhatsApp, SURVEY MONKEY or writing a letter!


The simplest way to share your story is using WhatsApp. If you want to do this now please send a sound recording, via WhatsApp, to 07984001566. If you want to know how to download WhatsApp to a computer, go here. To find out how to download WhatsApp onto your phone, please follow this link

  1. Add this number to your contact list.
  2. Do not telephone the number.
  3. Text the number asking for the questions or use the link on this page.
  4. Answer the questions using the text area and hold down the microphone button running your finger upwards as you do so until the microphone is locked on.
  5. You will know it is recording because the timer will be counting up.
  6. Make your recording and then press the arrow key on the right hand side to send it to the archive.
  7. If there is anyone else in your household that wishes to take part, you can then record them in the same way using your phone.
online survey

If you would rather use Survey Monkey you can write your answers to us online, after which your answers will be voice recorded by a member of our team: VOICING LONELINESS QUESTIONS 

By post

If you are unable to use any online resource but want to take part, then don’t worry, you can. Just do it the old-fashioned way and write us a letter! You can send a letter, with all questions answered, to Devon Communities Together, Unit 73 & 74, Basepoint Business Centre, Marsh Barton, EX2 8LB. Your answers will be voice recorded by a member of our team.

Data policy

All recordings, online survey responses and letters will remain anonymous at all times and no personal data will be publicly attributed to any responses. They will be stored on a secure server by DCT. By submitting your entry to our archive, you are agreeing to allow us to use your submissions for any purpose we see fit, which may include (but is not limited to) the following: 

  • As anonymous written quotes in reports and marketing campaigns
  • In written media relations work, including press releases 
  • To inform data analysis work we may undertake

Sharing sound clips
We will not share any sound clips outside Devon Communities Together unless either:

  • we have the express permission of the speaker (we will use your phone number to request this permission directly in writing if you submitted your experience via WhatsApp)
  • the sound clip has been recorded by a member of our team and does not contain any identifiable personal data