Connecting You

1st July 2022 - 30th July 2023

Connecting You was a Devon-wide project, led by Devon County Council, which addressed issues of loneliness and isolation using transport. Delivery ended 31 July 2023.

We would like to record our sincere thanks to all the Connecting You pilot participants; the partner organisations, the community groups, the passengers and everyone who provided their support, advice and resources to making this such a stimulating and innovative programme of transport ventures.

The final report can be found here.
A supplementary document detailing all of the partner activities is here.
One Voice Media's publicity report is here.


Our Connecting You travel training guide is for individuals and community groups who would like to support their clients to become independent travellers. Read and download below.

View Independent Travel Training Guide here

Our Connecting You handbook is for individuals who are using the Connecting You services with the help of a travel trainer. Read and download below.

View Traveller's Guide here

As part of the project Devon In Sight produced a driver disability awareness manual for drivers which can be found on their website