Digital Befrienders

1st December 2021 - 31st March 2022

please note: this project has now closed

What was the Digital Befrienders Project?

We were here to help people who are unable to successfully get online and access the Internet due to poor (or no) equipment, or lack of skills or confidence. We wanted those who are currently ‘digitally excluded’ to be able to enjoy the benefits of the digital world, especially while Covid-19 means that many more aspects of our daily lives are now online, from chatting to family and friends to medical appointments and much more. 

We offered:
  • Device checks
  • Upgrades and/or repairs (worth up to £125)
  • Short-term loan of a device 
  • Support with purchasing a new device (+ £100 contribution)
  • Data/broadband connection support
  • A Digital Friend to help people with all the skills you need to enjoy the benefits of the digital world!
We supported people who were:
  • I am not confident using my device(s) and/or the internet
  • I am concerned about internet safety
  • I have difficulty paying for the internet
  • I don’t have access to an internet capable device/my device(s) are outdated
  • I have difficulty using my device(s) due to a disability


We also trained others with new skills to become digital befrienders

Our Digital Befrienders were an important part of this project as they are the ones transforming lives first-hand.

From facilitating the connection of distant family and friends, to giving the gift of unlimited entertainment, the role of Digital Befriender is hugely rewarding, showing the depth of Devon’s community spirit.

We will be sharing the results of this project with the funders and more widely, shortly.